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Accessibility Plan

LOCAL RADIO LAB INC operates radio stations and web sites located in Ontario. We are committed to providing barrier-free access to all Canadians who interact with our services or seek employment within our Company.

Accessibility Manager

We have appointed an Accessibility Manager who will review our processes and monitor development of our Accessibility plan.
The staff and public can contact the accessibility manager by sending an email to
Alternatively, they can contact by phone at 416-801-5511
We can also set up a video call or in-person visit if requested.

Mail Contact Info

Accessibility Manager:

Christopher Grossman


The plan is posted to our websites under accessibility plan &


We have worked with our staff members to address issues such as:

- Mental health
- Visual and hearing challenges
- Physical challenges
- Intellectual challenges
- Addiction


Mental Health and addiction training
We have consulted with CAM-H on an as-needed basis to support individual staff members, but we have not provided formalized training in these areas for managers and supervisors.

Further Actions - By June 2025

CAM-H provides an online program for employers which provide training for managers in the areas of employee support tor mental health and addiction issues.
We will provide two training sessions for managers using the CAM-H program.

The built environment
We have taken steps to provide access to our facilities for those with mobility issues. These include:

1. At grade-access is available to all our facilities.
2. When the office space was renovated, we complied with CSA Group standards


Further Actions
No further actions are planned for at this time.


Information and Communications technologies (ICT)

We have made available to all staff access to enhanced ICT. This has included:

1. Large screen monitors for those with visual impairments
2. Alternatives to mouse and keyboard access for those with physical disabilities


Further Actions - By June 2025

In the coming year our IT specialist will review all technologies to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of our employees as well as the general public. and identify ways in which we can implement those recommendations.


On-air and web content
On-air news
We have extended our news services, which previously only were accessed via audio format onto our News site in written format.

Further Actions

No further actions are planned for at this time.

Web-site news
We recently added a daily podcast to provide an audio summary of the news which was previously only available in written format


Further Actions
No further actions are planned for at this time.


Communication (other than ICT)
We work with a number of organizations in order to promote and facilitate support and removal of barriers. This has resulted in a number of programs. Examples include:

RVH Youth Mental Health – Young Minds Matter
Youth Haven – Coldest Night of the Year
David Busby Centre
YMCA – 100 Reasons Why
Easter Seals – Annual Campaign
CMHA – Annual Campaign


Further Actions - By June 1 2025
We will develop a manual in alternative formats informing the public of the ways in which they can access our services in a barrier-free fashion.


Procurement of Goods, services and facilities
As a small business we have limited procurement of goods services and facilities, nevertheless, we have identified the need to develop a policy which takes into account the need to remove barriers in these areas.

Further Actions
No further actions are planned for at this time.



Design and Delivery of Programs and services
Public Events
The stations provide public events such as concerts, fund raisers for charity and other areas of interest to the public. Our practise has been to ensure barrier-free access.


Further Actions
No further actions are planned for at this time.


Our company does not provide transportation to the public. We have surveyed our existing staff members and confirmed that they are not faced with transportation barriers.


Further Actions
No Further Actions are planned for at this time.


We currently consult with a number of organizations, in particular for community engagement. These include

Youth Haven
RVH – Youth Mental Health
David Busby Centre
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Alzheimer’s Society
Empower Simcoe

Further Actions
We will continue to meet with these groups in order to develop further programs for outreach and internal programs.

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